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Student admission rules in Canada have changed

Mark Milner, Canada’s immigration minister, announced that based on the evaluations, the minimum cost of living in this country is $21,000.
According to him, some of these provisions, such as labor rights laws, are also applicable to students who were already studying in this country. According to this announcement, the minimum cost of living in Canada from January 2024 onwards is estimated to be around $21,000.
It is said that the main purpose of these changes is to ensure the government’s provision of living expenses for students, including housing expenses.
Before these changes, the Canadian government had announced the minimum cost of living in the country in the early 2000s of $10,000, which has now doubled to $21,000. In other words, the minimum amount required to apply for a student visa is estimated to be 21 thousand dollars.
It is also said that a single student in 2024 to apply for a Canadian student visa must be able to prove to the government of this country that his financial ability is at least $21,000. In addition, he must pay the tuition for one year of study in this country along with expenses. Travel to Canada as well.
The government says that from now on and with the application of new rules regarding student admission, no student in this country will have financial problems to meet living expenses.

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