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For the first time, laboratory blood was injected into patients

For the first time, the blood that was produced from stem cell culture in the laboratory was injected to the patients. This success can solve the problem of blood transfusion and blood shortage forever. Of course, this work is still in the clinical trial stage, and it remains to be seen whether this trial will proceed safely and successfully.

Until now, one of the treatment concerns was the patients’ access to blood, and the only way was to donate blood, which also had its own problems. Producing human blood in the laboratory can save patients, especially people with blood diseases.

For decades, researchers have been trying to achieve mass production of blood in the laboratory, it cannot be expected that this method will be used to replace blood donation, but this technique leads to the production of rare blood groups.

In this method, stem cells are used. Scientists first isolate these cells, then place the cells in a nutrient solution for 21 days, during which the cells multiply and become mature blood cells. Finally, the evolved cells are purified and ready for storage and transfer.

Laboratory red blood cells were injected to 10 patients in the amount of 5 to 10 ml. This blood transfusion was repeated twice with an interval of four months. One of these injections was normal blood and the other was laboratory blood. Now the people who received blood are being monitored to check the test result and the possible occurrence of side effects.

The purpose of the British researchers in this experiment is to investigate the shelf life of laboratory blood compared to normal blood.

It is expected that the lifespan of laboratory cells will be 120 days like natural cells.

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