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Google urged users to immediately update their Chrome browser to avoid zero-day vulnerabilities

By releasing the latest update for Chrome, Google asked users to update the Chrome browser as soon as possible to avoid the risk of zero-day vulnerabilities.

Zero day vulnerability causes many users to suffer. Now that this problem has come to the Chrome browser, Google has taken action and has released an update asking users to download it and be safe from this risk.

The vulnerability that Google has warned about is CVE-2022-3723, and according to the latest reports, security company Avast has identified it.

CVE-2022-3723 While an application uses a specific Base Type to access resources, it can take advantage of this opportunity to seek access to these resources, confusing the system and causing an error. In this case, suspicious programs penetrate the system memory.

This vulnerability could allow attackers to attack users’ systems and steal their sensitive information. Previously, hackers had exploited this type of vulnerability in Adobe Flash and Mozilla, and now they are targeting Chrome.

Update your Google Chrome immediately

Google took action immediately after reporting this issue and solved the problem by updating Chrome. Users just need to update their version of Google Chrome. Of course, Chrome is also automatically updated, but you can achieve confidence and security by manually updating and installing version 107.0.5304.87/88.

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