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Invasion of armed nomads to Waras district of Bamyan

Armed nomads in Waras district of Bamyan address the Hazara people of this region: the history of the Hazara people is over.

On Sunday, October 1, the nomads attacked the premises and green space of “Patab Sarab” Waras school and destroyed the trees there.


The nomads threatened the local residents who tried to prevent the cutting of trees and told them that the “history of the Hazara people” has ended under the rule of the Islamic Emirate.

The nomads in Waras district of Bamyan claim that they are the owners of parts of the Hazara lands and the residents of this area have asked to leave their properties. The nomads have warned the residents of Sefid Nahor Sarab village to hand over their properties and shops to them as soon as possible.

After the betrayal of the former president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, many nomads have invaded Hazara areas. Most of these nomads are armed and harass the Hazara people and consider themselves the owners of their lands. Meanwhile, most of the people of Hazara have handed over their weapons and are defenseless.

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