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Ireland grants visas to 600 vulnerable Afghan refugees

According to the Ministry of Justice, Ireland has accommodated 600 vulnerable Afghan refugees since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to the Irish media, the Minister of Justice of this country has said that emergency visas have been issued to Ireland for about 600 Afghan immigrants to leave Afghanistan.

It is also said that there is another chance for people whose visa application was rejected.

The priority of visa issuance is mostly for elderly people, women and girls and people with disabilities. After America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ireland implemented a plan according to which each Afghan citizen living in this country can nominate up to four members of his family to be transferred to Ireland.

Ireland’s Justice Minister Helen McNitt said that 587 people have been approved for residency so far and 70 applications for 206 people have been rejected.

Under the Afghan withdrawal plan, Ireland committed to take 500 vulnerable Afghans out of Afghanistan, but now Ireland says that number could rise and accommodate more Afghans.

The country says that in addition to removing vulnerable Afghans, another 476 visas are available for families of Afghan nationals living in Ireland.
Live is also issued.

The Minister of Justice of Ireland also emphasized that the government of this country continues to process other unanswered requests and will give the final answer to the applicants as soon as possible.

He also said that the government of this country is trying to complete this plan by the end of this year and all those who have been approved for residence in Ireland will be transferred to this country.

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