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Married life is effective in raising blood pressure

According to experts, the high blood pressure level of people can have various reasons. Factors such as diet, exercise, and stress can all be factors that cause high blood pressure.
The Journal of the American Heart Association, following its recent research, concluded that married life can be effective in raising blood pressure. The research of this magazine shows that if one of the married people has high blood pressure, his wife can also be at risk of getting this disease. According to this magazine, the lifestyle of married people is the main cause of high blood pressure, not differences and fights in married life.
Dr. Chihua Li, the author of this study, says that he was surprised to see that many married people were jointly affected by this disease. He says that more than 35% of married people over the age of 50 in the United States have jointly suffered from high blood pressure.
This is the first research that has been done on the blood pressure of married people in high and middle income countries.
The researchers say that the main reason for conducting this research was to know whether having a happy spouse can affect blood pressure or not.
The result of this research showed that the health of couples is more dependent on each other than what was thought. In other words, if one of the couple is in perfect health, it can help the health of his wife.

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