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Space aliens have entered the solar system with probes?

According to the New York Post, space aliens have come with probes to visit the solar system.

A report by Greg Wenner has also been published in Fox News, in which it is stated that Pentagon officials believe that this visit can be similar to NASA’s missions aimed at exploring other planets.

According to Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s Anomalous Phenomena Investigation, also known as AARAW, and Abraham Loeb, chair of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, in a paper that examines the physical limits of unidentified aerial phenomena, published March 7. They talked about this possibility.

According to this report: “An unnatural interstellar object that may be a spacecraft that drops many small probes during its passage by Earth; “An operational structure that is very similar to NASA’s missions.”

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These small probes similar to “dandelion seeds” can be separated from their spacecraft by the gravitational force of the sun or by their ability to move and reach the earth.

The office is responsible for monitoring the objects in the sky, in the water and in the space, as well as in charge of investigating the unknown objects that are able to pass through all of these.

By order of Congress, NASA has a mission to discover near-Earth objects.

In 2005, Congress mandated NASA to identify 90 percent of near-Earth objects larger than 140 meters, the report said. This mission led to the construction of the PennStars telescopes.

On October 19, 2017, PennStars detected an unknown interstellar object called ʻOumuamua, which appeared to resemble a cigarette, and because it lacked the tail found in comets, researchers suggested it might be artificial.

It is also stated in the report that 6 months before ʻOumuamua arrived on Earth, an interstellar meteor called IM2 with a size of 1 meter hit the Earth, which was similar to ʻOumuamua.

According to NASA, “These probes may come to Earth for exploration operations when the primary spacecraft passes part of the Earth’s distance from the Sun, such as ʻOumuamua.”

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