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The Ghosh Tepa Canal project will be completed with the wealth of the war-stricken people of Balkhab

In the month of March 2022, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, announced the continuation of the Ghosh Tepa Canal project. He, who went to Kaldar district, announced during a ceremony that the completion of this project is the priority of the Islamic Emirate. At the beginning of the work, the Islamic Emirate called to attract investors.

This plan was launched 50 years ago during the time of Mohammad Dawood Khan, and then it was stopped due to insecurity, war and economic problems.

Ghosh Tepa Canal is an earthen canal that drains the water of the Amu River to the lands of Balkh, Jowzjan and Faryab provinces. It is said that this canal, 150 meters wide and 8 meters deep, will irrigate 700,000 hectares of land in its 258-kilometer route.

Handover of Balkhab coal mines to the National Development Company to provide financial resources for the Ghosh Tepa Canal project

The budget of this project was estimated at 6.9 billion Afghanis. But where does the financial resources of this project come from? In the past, it was supposed to be financed from the income of Samangan mines, but the emirate decided to pay the construction cost of this canal from the income of Balkhab coal mines, which was handed over to the National Development Company.

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