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Biontech announced the production of cancer vaccine by 2030

Biontech, one of the most well-known vaccine companies in the world, recently announced that it will produce a cancer vaccine by 2030.
Ughur Shahin and Ozlem Tureci, the founders of the German Biontech company, who succeeded in developing a corona vaccine with the help of Pfizer, told a BBC reporter that they hope to develop a cancer vaccine before the end of this decade.

Professor Tu Chee said they could make the immune system attack cancer cells by manipulating the mRNA vaccine developed for Covid-19.
The time of release of cancer vaccine has been announced before 2030.
The function of the corona mRNA vaccine is in such a way that it transfers the genetic instructions to the covid 19 protein receptors in the body. These instructions reach the cells that make the receptor proteins.
As a result of these proteins, the antibodies of the immune system are ready to attack harmful and disease-causing cells.

According to Professor Tu Chi, this method can also be used for cancer vaccines, and it can be used to force the immune system to suppress cancer cells.

The mentioned vaccine contains genetic instructions for the proteins of cancerous tumors.
We have to remind that this company focused on cancer vaccine before they started working on corona vaccine.
Even now, this company has produced a number of cancer vaccines, all of which are undergoing byte testing.

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