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production of new medicine for chronic cough; A fundamental change in the field of medicine

British scientists succeeded in developing a new drug to treat chronic cough. Gefapixant is the name of this drug. This medicine reduces the patient’s cough up to 60% and 70% of the patients who underwent clinical trials of this medicine recovered.

Professor Surinder Bering has been in charge of the global trials of this drug. According to him, if this drug is approved, it will be the first new treatment for chronic cough after 50 years, which has given hope to thousands of people suffering from this exhausting disease.

Professor Bering said that gafapixent, when it is produced and available to patients, will be a huge change in the field of medicine. He continued that based on clinical trials, this drug has fewer side effects than other drugs and is safe, and at the same time, it has the most effect on people’s recovery, and this is a great benefit in the treatment of chronic cough.

Coughs that do not improve after 8 weeks and last are called chronic coughs. This cough is wet or dry.

The website of the British National Health Service said about this disease that sometimes chronic cough can be one of the symptoms of diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, pulmonary embolism and heart problems. Chronic cough is mostly caused by asthma, allergies, smoking and chronic bronchitis.

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