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Skin care with Brad Pitt beauty products

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is trying his luck in the cosmetics business for the second time. He re-entered the beauty products market.

Brad Pitt on Wednesday introduced a skin care line called Lodomin that is gender neutral. He said that Gwyneth Paltrow, his ex-girlfriend, opened his feet to this work and inspired him. Brad Pitt and Paltrow were romantically involved for three years and their friendship continues.
Brad Pitt, 58, says he loves what his friend Gwent has done with lifestyle magazine Goop. He introduced his ex-girlfriend as a dear friend and said that she created this empire.

She says Paltrow was the first person to make her wash her face twice a day, and she still follows her skincare routine.

Introducing Lodomin, Brad Pitt said that this product helps to slow down the aging process of the skin and helps everyone age well, regardless of gender and skin type. The ingredients of these products are free of preservatives such as paraben, MIT, ethanol, treclosan, silicone, microplastic, mineral, synthetic and animal oils.

These products have a serum, a cleanser and a cream, which costs a total of $785.

Brad Pitt says about aging that no one can escape aging and our culture should accept it. He does not like the title of anti-aging and believes that we should treat our skin properly and healthily.

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