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What to wear this fall? [Fall 2022 trends]

With the gradual cooling of the weather and the shortening of the days, we are approaching the autumn season. Autumn is the favorite season of many of us, and when this season arrives after summer, our style and clothing changes completely. Maybe it’s better to go to your wardrobe and check your fall clothes. You will probably need to add new clothes to your wardrobe.

We are here to help you choose your fall style according to the 2022 trends.


  1. Bell-bottoms
    One of the most stylish pants in this fall’s fashion is the long pants. You can wear this pants model with jeans and heels.



2. Monochrome clothes
Monochrome clothes such as t-shirts, tops, open-front and closed-front jackets are among your essential clothes in the fall season. You can wear these clothes under coats, raincoats, pilot jackets, overcoats, vests and thick jackets.Of course, it is the best option for matching long jackets, because it does not look busy and heavy, and it also gives you a neat and stylish look. On the other hand, the natural shape of your body will be preserved.



3. Knitted vest
This option gives you a special and attractive style. You can wear this dress under a long coat, but we suggest wearing a thin shirt underneath.



4. Cowboy boots
Cowboy boots with short heels are the choice of many well-dressed in the fall season. Cowboy boots with mustard, camel and brown colors, pointed and with a heel of 3 to 5 cm have a wonderful appearance and are very comfortable.



5. Oversize coats
It is true that in any height and weight, you should wear your right size clothes. But larger size jackets will give you a more modern look. And you will be more open in choosing underwear. Choosing a checkered or plain coat depends on your own taste, but both of them are suitable as long as you know what clothes and pants to pair it with. But our suggestion is to wear this type of jacket on clothes with a simple and attractive design and with a round collar and neck clasp or a turtleneck.



6. colors compatible with the autumn season
You can use autumn colors such as brick, brown, camel, orange, yellow, olive or crimson to harmonize yourself with autumn nature. Of course, you should make sure that these colors are in harmony with your skin color.


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