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Scholarships and online education worldwide for Afghan girls and students

After the ban on girls’ education and work in Afghanistan, the only opportunity to educate girls is virtual education, which is only possible if there is access to the Internet.

In order to compensate for the restrictions created for Afghan girls, educational centers at the international level have provided virtual education to Afghan students for free, or they have provided scholarships and grants for them.

Here we will get to know a number of international universities and educational centers that are trying to help Afghan girls and provide them with educational opportunities:

FutureLearn digital platform for girls living in Afghanistan

FutureLearn is a British platform that organizes free online education courses for Afghan girls who have been banned from education by al-Alban’s order.

The officials of this platform published a statement on their website on December 22, according to which all girls who have access to the Internet can access 1,200 free online courses.

You can refer to this link to access more complete information.

Boston College for Afghan girls living in Bangladesh

Boston College and Lynch School of America in collaboration are organizing free virtual training courses for Afghan girls who are now living in Bangladesh.

For more and more detailed information, refer to this link.

950 scholarships for Afghan youth in India

India announced in September that it will provide 950 scholarships for Afghan boys and girls for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Check this link for more information.

16 scholarships for Afghan students in Ireland, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada, Singapore, India and Pakistan

By referring to this link, you can also get information about Erasmus scholarships and scholarships from Harvard affiliated universities.

Online school (EBA) for Afghan students

EBA is an educational institution established by Afghan immigrants to educate underprivileged Afghan girls.

This educational institution started working on August 15, 2022, and its training courses are free for Afghan female students.

Of course, the online education of this school is also free for Afghan students who have become refugees in neighboring countries.

You can check this link for more information.

Canadian scholarships for Afghan students

Canadian universities and educational and research centers have provided scholarships and grants for Afghan students. Through this link, you can get to know the list of these educational centers and the conditions for receiving scholarships and how to register.

University of the People

As the first fully virtual non-profit American university, this university has announced that it has provided 1,000 scholarships for Afghan girls at the bachelor’s level.

For more information about using this scholarship, refer to this link.

Dundee University of Scotland scholarship for Afghan girls

The University of Dundee has decided to provide a special scholarship for Afghan girls for September 2023 entry. This scholarship is mostly for master’s degree and doctoral degree and is intended for one year as a full fund.

You can refer to this link for more information.

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