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The ozone layer is on the verge of complete restoration

According to the latest scientific studies, it is clear that the ozone layer will soon be completely restored. This is a good thing because of the reduction of harmful chemicals from the surface of the planet and in the next few decades this layer will be completely restored.

The ozone layer protects the earth from ultraviolet rays. This layer has been punctured in the last several decades due to the increased use of CFCs, which are mostly used in refrigerators, which has become one of the biggest problems of the scientific community.

CNN reported that after the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in 1989, the use of CFC gas has been reduced by 99%, and due to this international cooperation, the ozone layer is on the verge of restoration.

If this protocol is implemented in the same way, by 2040, the state of the ozone layer will reach the state of 1980 in all parts of the earth. But it takes more time to restore the ozone layer in the North and South Poles.

Scientists believe that by using this model and the cooperation of international communities, we can hope to control climate change and global warming.

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