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What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

According to the definition of the British National Health Service organization, hypothyroidism is actually the failure of the thyroid gland and poor performance in producing sufficient amounts of hormones such as thyroxine and iodothyronine, which are needed to regulate the body’s metabolism.

If these hormones are not produced in sufficient quantity, the functions of the body will gradually slow down and this will affect the internal organs of the body.

Diagnosing the symptoms of hypothyroidism is a bit difficult because it has common symptoms with some diseases.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

  1. Hypersensitivity to cold
  2. Weight Gain
  3. tiredness
  4. Joint and muscle pains
  5. Skin problems including dry skin and thinning hair
  6. Heavy and irregular menstruation
  7. depression

If you go to the doctor with these symptoms, he will most likely ask you to take a thyroid function test. In this test, the amount of hormones in your body is checked by taking blood samples.

If your body’s thyroxine level is low, your doctor will prescribe levothyroxine tablets for a while. To measure the amount of thyroxine, it is necessary to take regular blood tests.

What are the complications of not treating hypothyroidism?

If you suffer from hypothyroidism and don’t think about treatment, you may suffer from one of the heart diseases, pregnancy problems and goiter, or in case of a severe decrease in hormone levels, you may suffer from the dangerous disease of mixed edema.

The World Health Organization has declared that there is no way to prevent hypothyroidism.

According to the World Health Organization, “there is no way to prevent hypothyroidism.”

This complication is more common in women. This disease can be hereditary and 5 days after the birth of the baby, a blood test is taken to diagnose hereditary thyroid problems. In men, this disease occurs less than in women.

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