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Gulshan, the Turkish music star, is under house arrest

A court in Turkey announced on Monday in a ruling that Gulshan, the country’s pop star, will be transferred from pre-trial detention to house arrest.

The lawyer of the Turkish music star announced this news and said that the court accepted the objection of Golshan’s legal team and he is scheduled to be released from custody and transferred to house arrest later on Monday.

On Thursday, the state-run Sabah newspaper published a joke four months ago by Gulshan about religious schools, which resulted in the arrest of the singer on charges of inciting hatred.

In the past days, thousands of Turkish social media users have protested against Gulshan’s arrest and said that the reason for his arrest was Gulshan’s support for LGBT rights and his liberal views.

At the same time, several ministers of the Islamist government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have condemned Gulshan’s statements by publishing tweets.

Erdogan, who came to power nearly two decades ago, studied in one of the religious organizations established by the government to train imams and religious preachers.


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